Emergency Planes Landing on Roads

This some lucky pilot and amazing video about Emergency Planes Landing on Roads .

Source youtube .

What amazing pilots! Thankfully, no one got hurt.


Yes thanks for God every body is safe .


Wow surprised everyone is safe but I have no idea why pilots would also take the risk of hitting cars that are driving on the road while landing in the street. Plus if planes land on roads in city areas, the plane could have potential damage as well as the surrounding area.

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If you have emergency you should land nearest airport or place you can land safely.

Shouldn’t the title be edited it quite confusing.

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When the engine fails the you are at the mercy of physics.

Find somewhere within glide distance to land, if it’s a road then go for it. Modern cars have far more impact protection devices built into them than most houses do!

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What the right title should be?

I think that what should you do if you are in same situation .

At that point you’re just trying to survive.


Planes emergency landing on roads.

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