Emergency over the Atlantic - DE2198

Emergency near the UK and France.image

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what is the situation

I’m not sure.

7,000 and 237kts

still squawking 7700

I can listen into LiveATC, where is he headed to?

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I don’t know, he is in the middle of knowhere he is at 3,000

he is going to nates @Daniel_Cerritos

I need the airport ident please

Nope, cant find the airport in liveATC. I found out the IATA code, but didn’t come up in liveATC. So i can’t listen in.

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Barely offshore and a problem comes up. No matter how minor, they may return to land just to be safe. A minor issue may become a bigger one if they choose to continue.

Basically what I’m saying is it’s probably nothing.


they turned there transponder off

It landed, thank goodness!

As a passenger on this flight, I can confirm.

One of passengers (afaik Nordish) started to have medical issues shortly after taking off. (Don’t know exact diagnosis, crew stated pneumonia. He has been on oxygen.)

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty scared, as we have descended “in the middle of” flight (w/o previous warning), and “half hour” later, pilot announced, we’re going to land in Nantes, due to mentioned passenger.

Hospital has taken care of him after landing, we went back to Frankfurt and repeated the flight following day.

In the end, crew has thanked and joked about spending last 24hrs with us.


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