Emergency Over Russia

Hello IFC, I am currently flying from Hong Kong (HKG) to Frankfurt (FRA) on the Lufthy A346. I know now some information that I didn’t know before realizing I might not make it: The A346 doesn’t have a good fuel burn rate. simBrief told my to load 270,000 lbs of fuel for the 12 hour flight, so I did, and here I am with 57 minutes left of fuel, about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Frankfurt Am Main. I have decided that if these headwinds don’t pass, I will divert to Minsk, Belarus. I have just flown past Moscow and you can spot me and maybe help me divert. My call sign is N304BI.

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I know, as in pre-global times there wasn’t the ability for over-nighters and long hauls.

Find a suitable diversion airport and refuel. Don’t wait until the last moment to refuel. In addition, use fpltoif.com to get more accurate fuel

I used simBrief to get the fuel, flight plan, pax, cargo, and flight plan, and then exported the XML file to fpltoif.com, like I do on every other flight.

get the fuel and then exported the XML file to fpltoif.com, like I do on every other flight.

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Also key is for me at least; whatever dim brief says always add a hour +

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I’m thinking of shutting down an engine and descending to a lower altitude.

I’m descending to 14,000 and I have shut off engine 1.

This will not really help with the fuel burn, as the other engines have to compensate the loss of ENG 1. Also fuel burn is higher in lower altitudes.

Neither of those are the case for the A340-600 in Infinite Flight.

From your current position I would recommend diverting either to Minsk, Warsaw or Moscow depending on the remaining amount of fuel?

The shutting down of an engine has decreased my fuel burn by about 30 minutes.

It isn’t? Then please disregard my post.

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Aready stated. Minsk is the closest safe airport to divert to.

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I have the approach procedure for Runway 31 at Minsk loaded into the NAV. The KURPI1D.

Whoever Cory is with the call sign N16HD, you can’t refuel an A340-600 mid-air.

I landed safely and I’m on my way to Frankfurt.

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You just solved the problem on your own. No need to announce to the ifc that you have an emergency when you clearly know what you need to do…