Emergency or Bug?

Hi, i was flying from KDCA to KMIA on an Airbus a321. I was middle in Weight (i use Fuel planner) AND everything was ok, but few minutes
after, at FL 360 and M0.78, the airplane begging warping, left to rigth, trying to stay on the airway. The Warp became harder, so i had to Descent, and make a deviation to KRDU. At FL 150, the airplane stop the warping, but it became hard to control without auto Pilot.
I just want to know if this Is a kind of random emergency featurete, or Is a bug?
By the way, i was on solo mode.

This is a known bug and should be fixed soon.

Just in the A321?

Yes, I think so. I haven’t seen it on other aircraft.

I can’t exactly tell what you are describing.

If you are bobbing up and down, this is a known problem. The fix is to only set VS 0 and not ALT on autopilot.

If you are rocking to the side, this may be because you are going too fast.

ive experienced this before. ruined my 6 hour attempt on the a321 ;-;

hmmm. I’ve only had it on the F22

well thats probably because it was going fast and strong winds and knock it over

Ok, thanks. So this Is a kind of disfunction on all the A321, like the B737 MAx, so everyone, put the a321s on the ground

Were you bobbing up and down as well? That might have to do with it.

I was in solo, without wind, and just a Little bit of turbulence. At M0.78 Speed. That’s the average Speed, right?
And this never happen before.

yeah thats average speed, i was talking about the f22

Sorry by my ignorance, but, what Is F22

Is the airplane F22 Right

oh its just a type of fighter jet

Ok, thanks, i never use war aircraft.
But for everyone, dont use the A321

I believe this is a fixed problem.

It hasn’t fixed it for me lol. VS 0 fix works on anything though.

I might be wrong :)

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