Emergency Operation-Operation Vulcan

CURRENTLY: USCG-IF is responding to the eruption of Vulcán de Fuego 25 miles Southwest of Guatemala City, the capital. 7 are dead and over 300 are injured, we are probiding immediate Aid to Guatemala City and flying in supplies to MSSS Ilapongo International, current base of operations. We are calling for any assistance that can be given to help Guatemala in their time of need. If you can respond, please do respond.

Semper Paratus


What base are we leaving out of and what server?

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KPIE Clearwater-St. Pete Casual Server.

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MGGT is closed you know due to the ash. Better choose another location

@Asneed8706 I recommend ordering some C-130 squadrons over here.

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Ladies and gents,

Whilst I understand the interest lets leave real world events as real world events and not try to trivialise them into a game context please.

People are losing their lives here.



Thank USA 007 and correct thus new airport for relief is Ilapongo in El Salvador MSSS

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