Emergency on board

Has anyone ever been on a flight and an emergency happen that cause the flight to be delayed or land? The only major flight I’ve been on that the plane had to make an emergency landing was back in 2007 (I think) on Northwest Airline from SEA - NRT and some oil was leaking from one of the engines and we had to turn back to ANC.


After taking off from Dublin in an Aer Lingus A321 we had to turn back because our gear wouldn’t retract.


I was on a Alaska flight that was delayed cause the fuel pumps in both engines stopped working


A medical emergency from MEM-LAX. Decided to continue all the way
Another was at ATL we were holding on a taxiway for about 45 minutes then after multiple runway switches which resulted in a lot of u turns. We taxied, lined up to take off and then airport closed so all the aircrafts started to taxi on the runway to the other side of it. So that when the storm passes. It opens. (Not emergency but unsusual)

I was running bags from the company I work for over to Alaska and had to drive around a bunch of ambulances and fire trucks, asked what was going on and one of the Alaska tampers told me the plane had to divert cause a lady went into labor and when the plane touched down she gave birth

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I was on my third flight lesson, and one flap extended and the other didn’t. That was a weird feeling

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Tiger air smoke poured in from one of the A320’s engines

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APU overheat warning on a Jet2 737 - nice welcome into an otherwise fairly dull airport :)

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Flying from Manchester to Amsterdam.
Boarded the plane, loaded up, doors closed ready to pushback then the captain comes up saying “don’t be alarmed but the fire service is on the way”. Naturally alarmed. turned out fumes were present in the front on the aircraft and the Capt wasn’t happy to take off. We de planed. Took off about 5 hours late after a new aircraft was flown from Luton.

Jetblue flying from KLAX-KFLL at the gate there was a problem with the hydraulics, so the pilot came out as well as some others and took a look at it. After fixing the issue, we depated 20 mins delayed, but I would rather them fix the issue then becoming the new episode on Air Crash Investigation xD.

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I heard about that one! I live in anchorage!

Whaat? How did that happen?

We think it may have been a oil leak into the air con system

Once I was in a flight of Air Panama from Panama City to David, the flight was delayed because the Fokker 50 begun to experience some engine problems while in the take off race, so the passengers and I were relocated in a Fokker 70.

My dad was on a Singapore airlines a380 flight yesterday from New Delhi to Singapore and it was experiencing some computer issues, causing it to get delayed by over an hour.

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