Emergency Locater Transponder

Have you ever wondered how people find missing airplanes? It turns out that they use a thing called an ELT or Emergency Locater Transponder. When triggered, it sends out a distress signal on the frequency of 121.500mhz better know as the emergency frequency. If you have a special receiver, you can hear the ELT, it is a very very creepy siren like noise. It tracks Emergency Responders to the crash site with precise GPS locations. That is what that creepy siren noise is. It is a cool system how the ELTs work. For more info, look here!

Hope you enjoyed this “lesson”!

(By the way I made this topic because we had to train for finding a lost airplane today with the Civil Air Patrol and I thought that I would let you all know some pretty cool stuff about the ELT. Please note that this info is only from the ELT that we trained on.)

What are your thoughts?


Yup. Done this in CAP.

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I’m sure that was fun in Texas where it is always 100 degrees.

Nope. It was during the winter. At least then it was 40°.

Oh. Lol. We had to do it yesterday when it was 50 degrees out and raining. It was also 8pm at night.

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