Emergency landings. What's your best?

KLM (2015) 744 at SoCal

What is this ?

Yes I’m confused as well

What was your best effort in an emergency landing ms on IF @The_Atwood_Family and @Chad_Garnett

My first emergency landing on IF was when the Captain got stuck in the toilet. He got sucked in by that powerful vacuum. Thank got we landed in Birmingham, safe and sound.


I did a completely windy, extreme turbulence, foggy emergency landing

Took off at Aspen in a United 737-800, diverted to KEGE due to 35kts wind. Was a really steep descent because I was already at FL180 (keep in mind that Aspen is at about 10,000). Almost crashed because of a strong crosswind.

My landing specialty is landing the plane so we can walk off and landing the plane upside down so we can get our luggage from the overhead bins more easily.

when the f22 (call it the saucer) because it literally becomes a saucer if u turn sharply or increase altitude so fast and it would crash straight down so fast and spinning 360’s every millisecond but somehow i managed to recover at 500 feet was at 40,000 feet

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That’s a classic! The story lives on…


Same thing used to happen on the 747 before it was reworked. Good night 11:16PM EST

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 same here! Have a nice night!

@natzoo remember the time that you had to make an emergency landing at KORD right after takeoff? The reason was hilarious though… you crack me up lol!

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