Emergency Landing

A Piper PA-46 made an emergency landing near Bandera Texas on a small highway.

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I couldn’t post this to real world aviation. Does someone know how to move it for me or let me know how?

If you’re not a TL2 you unfortunately cannot post in #real-world-aviation I don’t think the mods will allow this since its consider a small incident


As @RotorGuy said, not going to repeat but, this is not something seen every day😂 Just imagine turning a corner and seeing a plane in the railings😂


@DeerCrusher can you delete this post if it doesn’t meet the guidelines please?

You dont really see that every day though… would be interesting to see what led to this

Hopefully this thread can stay open at the mercy of the mods for being something interesting and different

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Why does it have to be deercrusher?🙁 What if another mod or staff member wanted to close it😂

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PA-46 Emergency Landing in Bandera, Texas

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