Emergency Landing

This may be requested already, but I think an ATC reply of “emergency landing” would be nice. It would work as so:

“Lufthansa 58 requesting emergency landing at EDDF runway 25L”

The airport controller would then have that airplane as their top priority and try to get them in ASAP. This would also be nice so ATC can understand piloting struggles when they have an emergency.

This is already a command when the user has less than 30-60 minutes fuel remaining.

I think allowing everyone else to request emergency landings would be a hassle to the controller as many would abuse it just to jump queues. Just my opinion though.


I guess, but low fuel isn’t always the need for an emergency landing.

The controller could also ghost them if it looks to be that they have no problems and they’re just skipping the queue.

Relax. Users must have been flying for at least 20 minutes to do so.

Sounds like your requesting emergencies, in which the request already exists.

Technically, there is no other emergency in IF other than fuel so we can’t be having an engine failure for example as it doesn’t naturally happen but you’d rather have to shut down an engine to simulate it.

If you look around in the #features category however, you might find a request for these types of emergencies.


Found something else don’t know if it’s related though.


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I really do not see the need for such a command.

1: As others have stated, there is already a bingo fuel emergency landing command.

2: There are no other emergencies currently implemented in the simulator (thank god, that would be a #### show — especially in the training server).

3: A command like the one you are suggesting could be abused beyond belief.

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I like the idea, but I can see some flaws, which can actually be implemented to make the game more realistic. On Training, the huge amount of trolls would basically use it to cut lines and do what they do best, troll. An easy solution to that would probably be making it Expert Server only. My question with this is, in what scenarios would you need to make an emergency landing? I like the idea, but I don’t think it is viable for the nature of Infinite Flight.

Good links to vote on provided above.