Emergency landing / weather

Hey guys, Michael here.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to initiate weather and how to initiate emergency landing to better my flight skills and experience as a pilot I believe that I should be ready for an any case scenario I am currently grade 2 trying to learn all the ins and outs using the training server. Anyone have any tips?

If you want to train emergency situations, please use causal server. If you want crosswind landings, do that in solo and adjust the weather.


Welcome to the community Michael.

To initiate weather to specific conditions you have to be flying in solo where you can change it on the spot and adapt to conditions you want to practice.
in terms of emergancies such as Engine faliures Jakub nailed it. please use Casual server for this as ATC and or other fellow pilots will have no way of knowing what your emergancy is as there is no implamented way for this in game due to the very reasons of that it would cause more problems then fun on the Training Server or Expert server (when you reach Grade3 or higher).

Hope to see you in the sky soon (on expert) and hope you enjoy your time here in the community.

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Hey there mate,
The only emergencies that IF provides are for fuel. After a minimum of 2 flight hours and your at critical fuel levels, you can state emergency or low fuel. As said by the others, if you want to do any more emergencies please use the casual server.

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