Emergency landing on SoCal TS1 (Sorry ATC)

I was flying a B789 with callsign Norstar 166 Heavy. I left the app to review my homework & hen I got back on I found that my Radio button was grey instead of white & that I couldn’t tap it. So I mad an emergency landing at the nearest airport. Has this happend to anyone else?

If it is grey then you were disconnected from the server no apology to be made here :) don’t worry about it


Let’s be real here no one is going to sit here for 7-12 hours to do a transatlantic flight…


Well yeah, but this is different lol.

Don’t you have a computer that you can use instead of a phone or iPad?

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No one wants to do a 7 hour flight period

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Yeah but you don’t have to be on a device to keep occupied.

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You can never get me to do more than an hour long flight, if you’re doing something else, what’s the point? Might as well just do patterns for 20 min and come back later

And why not? People have things come up.

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Because that’s how you get ghosted

Not on TS1/2 and Casual.

Some of us have lives outside of IF.

Ok hotshot

Darn straight, skippy!


IF is love. IF is life.

Something tells me we are a wee bit off topic here @zbelle 😂

Not really.

If you go back and read it all, it’s related.

@CaptainSpeedbird1974… MaxSez: You did not make an “Emergency Landing” you just landed! I suggest you don’t use the term Emergency Landing or PanPan in the future, it will irritate people like me who realize that Emergency anything on IF is Disruptive and will never be tolerated or implemented. Check the archive for the background and history surrounding this issue. Regards