Emergency landing on infinite flight

Just a thought, could I land without gear on expert server without getting reported? In real life situations there have been emergency landings where the gears have not worked, so the plane lands without it. I tested this out on solo, and the plane doesn’t crash, just takes time to slow down. What do you think about this? Should I try this? Thanks

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I would not recommend doing this on Expert server.

If you really want to do it on Expert though, do it at an uncontrolled airport, preferably where no one else is flying.

Or just do it on Casual.


Thanks, makes sense

If you landed with no gears at an airport that I am controlling, with traffic on final (and you wouldn’t exit the app), it would be a ghost from me. Just saying!


You may land without your gears but you need to vacate (quit your flight) the runway in a reasonable time. If you sit on the runway and interfere with traffic flow you may end up being reported.

In all of my time controlling I’ve seen this happen about a dozen times and never had to report - most of the time you can see the pilot simply forgot to deploy the gear and only realizes that once the A/C comes to a complete stop on the runway and they can’t move. That realization process usually takes under a minute and then the pilot quits - it’s no big deal.


I did something like that on Training server at LAX. I landed a 717 w/o gear on the very edge of runway 25R and somehow spun on to the taxiway. But since it was TS people were just taxing through me

I did it on accident, if you are fast to leave it is possible:

That is so true, it does happen in real life. On Infinite Flight, Is it possible? Yes. Can you do it? Yes. Is it really recommended? Not really. I would personally do it at an uncontrolled airport in some deserted area. If you’re flying in the USA, I would do it in Arizona or Nevada states. That’ll be my safest choice on expert server. Good luck! :-)

I once forgot my landing gear in Expert Server, and I was inches away from the ground, and I just did a go around before I crashed.

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