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Hey guys, I was flying the TBM 900 leaving out from San Francisco going to Los Angeles I had approximately one hour and 8 minutes of fuel start out and thought I be able to make it but ended up running out of fuel and when I was running low I was looking for any way possible to declare fuel emergency and it never showed even after my engine switched off I ended up gliding into KBUR for a safe Self initiated emergency landing. I think I have an idea of why I couldn’t make a emergency request that I’m not entirely sure. Could you guys help me out a little bit to better understand what happened here? Thanks for reading guys, any advice is appreciated!


You have to be flying for at least two hours to declare a fuel emergency, I believe. You should always pack at least 15 minutes of extra fuel. I suggest planning with fpltoif.com, as the fuel burn measurements and times on IF aren’t exactly accurate.


And when in the actual game how do you past the flight plan to your flight plan?

Copy your flight plan and then go into the game and visit the map. Paste your FPL in the search bar that’s located in the top right corner.


Also going back to fuel, what I do is I know the average flight time, and add either 1 or 2 hours onto it because of the approach into an IFATC controlled airport…

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That’s why you pack extra fuel. You’re never gonna 2 hours extra where there’s IFATC. It’s never gonna be that bad.

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I did once - an approach once took nearly 2 hours cuz there were so many planes

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Sometimes 2 hours is highly necessary, once during approach at a FNF i took 1:56 minutes just to land from when i was on approach due to traffic

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It can be doen at 1. I just did it at 1

You never know, because IF doesn’t always have the best fuel calculations, and plus sometimes I oversleep 😂

Hey guys is there one of these for global flight plans so like if I’m flying on the expert server and there’s not a US flight plan I can still make flight plans I know this is probably over explaining but just wanted to make it plain

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