emergency landing due to fuel problem/ atterrissage d'urgence pour cause de pribleme de carburant

Comment signaler à L’ARC que nous avons un problème de carburant pour nous donner la priorité d’atterrir?

How do we report to the CRA that we have a fuel problem to give us priority to land?

If you’ve been flying for over an hour, and have less then 1% of fuel. I believe an option comes up to let ATC know how much fuel. But high chances if there’s approach you’ll get diverted 🙂👍

I hope that’s what you were looking for sorry if not

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okay so he sees it because I saw on another plane that ATC had just directed it so that it quickly landed for lack of fuel and I wondered if it was the pilot who had pointed out to him and how or cried ATC had noticed.
thank you piur your answer