Emergency Landing at KMCI 🚨🚒

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, the Kansas City Chiefs are headed to Germany to play a 🏈 game! They normally use United 777s but this time, the used a Virgin Atlantic A350-1000! I personally have never seen an A35K so I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity so I headed to the airport! The A350 was coming in from Atlanta and it ended up getting delayed for 1.5 hours. If the flight departed on time, maybe I would have never seen this emergency landing. Anyways, I was just out on the parking garage, listening to air traffic control when I hear the approach controller ask someone for fuel remaining and souls on board, I knew what that meant, there is an emergency situation going on! I immediately started scanning FlightRadar24 and listening to air traffic control more closely, I found out that it was NetJets flight 728 from Teterboro heading to N/A. The Challenger 350 flew over at cruising altitude and shortly after, made a turn and started descending towards KMCI. Shortly after this, the AARF trucks came out and got in their positions at the end of the runway. As the flight was descending, I heard them talking to air traffic control about breaks, and flaps, leaning me towards thinking the emergency was a hydraulics issue. Once EJA728 got closer to the airport, it did a little circle so it could get its gear down manually. Once everything was set up, they went ahead and turned final, I saw them coming in and got prepared to take pictures. They touched down safely, rolled down the runway, and the AARF trucks followed. They stopped pretty quickly but unfortunately right behind some trees. They tried to exit the runway, but they didn’t exit it fully, so KMCI had to close their main runway (19R), and use 19L instead. After maybe 15 minutes, a tug came and pulled the CL35 to parking, the AARF trucks following behind. Overall, this was a very interesting thing to see, thankfully no one was hurt (I think), and hopefully N728QS will be leaving KMCI soon, here are some pictures below!

The flight path of the Challenger 350

The pilots approaching 19R, hoping for a safe landing

Flight 728, shortly after slowing to a stop

N728QS getting pulled to parking, with the trucks following


A close up of the plane after landing

And if you were wondering, I did ending up seeing the A350-1000 land, but I had to leave before the team boarded so no creepy paparazzi pictures this time, thanks for viewing everyone!


Congratulations to the pilot! Great job

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This is a super nice shot, man! 😃 🫡

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