Emergency in IF

Ok there have been some talk about implementing an emergency in IF which I don’t believe has happened yet. I was controlling KSAN the other day and an aircraft declared an emergency landing. Was this a tester I ran across or what? I cleared space for him and got him in as soon as possible without delaying him but I found it odd that it was declared an emergency.


This is cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Don’t need to jump queue anymore, Just declare emergency. Unless it’s built into system, expect everyone calling emergency.

That’s strange!

@CaptainM that’s what I thought it wasn’t just his call sign either I was on approach and told him to turn and he came back with call sign unable emergency.

@Brandon_Sandstrom. I’ve called PanPanPan or a Mayday periodically to Operating Towers with minimal traffic in the pattern for emergency procedure practice (dead stick). I’ve been ignored “almost” every time. Thank you for your knowledgeable response to the “Tester”. Clearing the pattern and a ground stop is an appropriate response. Well Done, Max Sends

(The Tester in this case should have used the internationally accepted Pro-Words)

Was it one of the developers or was it a random person

What were the wording you heard him declare?

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Maybe someone wanted to get down on the ground ASAP because they had something to do and had to finish the game.

Or it’s an impatient, selfish person.

Best, Boeing707

First they requested ILS approach emergency then I gave them a heading away as I had one person in from of them and they declared unable emergency at that point I directed them into the ILS and moved the person ahead of them so they where cleared. I didn’t catch the actual name it happened pretty fast.

@GatwickGuy. Jumping the Q… Ya if declaring an emergency becomes common practice the the whole ATS System will crash. It’s.Chaos as it is on weekends and in the eve, you can tell the time in most time zones by the flow pattern. When you get off work in the UK its lunch time on the U.S. East Coast. Lotta folk off work thus more players, higher traffic count. The flow pattern is like a sine wave that follows the sun.

Yep. Once regions are connected, you’ll see late evening departure at JFK for European bound 😀 I might be visiting my sister in east Coast this winter😊

It’ll be misused