Emergency fuel

I was flying EGLL-KLAX on the TS last night and I awoke to find low fuel on my screen on my screen, I figured I had underestimated my fuel needs and I had about an hour and 20 minsleft with an hour left of light time. I contacted approach but when I was handed off to tower I couldn’t find the “emergency” section on the ATC interface. I know it is in the expert server but it is in TS band is there a low level of fuel you have to be at?
(I landed the aircraft safely. And IF Is updated to the newest version)

In order to announce a fuel emergency, you must actually have a fuel shortage and you must have been in the air for one hour or more.

Also, if you’re on the tower frequency, surely you must be on final, or nearly on final.

I’m pretty sure he was in the air for more than an hour

To answer the question, I believe your aircraft has to have about 5% fuel remaining for the emergency message to appear.


I was i the air for 9 hours and had about 1 hour left as I got closer the fuel turned yellow and said “low fuel”

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Did it say the percentage?

I was intercepting the loc/gs at 10 mind remaining


No, when I was intersecting the ILSI had the “low fuel” message appear around the altimeter on the hud

Ah, I understand. Let me try to test something really quick and I’ll get back to you.

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It has to say MINIMUM FUEL, instead of low fuel. Once you hit 6% and meet the time in air requirement, you should get the EMERGENCY FUEL option.


The time required is 1 hour right

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I always thought it was 3 🤔

Also, if I remember right, you can’t be going to an airport within a certain distance from your departure.

I don’t think KLAX is close EGLL lol ;)

I know, I’m just saying.

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@Brandon_Sandstrom, could you help out please? (Brandon is an expert when it comes to ATC in IF)


I was waiting for a mod to come and help lol

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The low fuel emergency is only available on the Expert Server. You also need to be down to 30 minutes of fuel remaining to use it, after flying for an hour.


Tank you, is the limit of flight before you can declare fuel 1 hr or 3?

I’m almost positive it’s 3

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No one knows the exact amount so that no one can abuse it.

But after flying KLAX-EGLL you will be able to use it, if you’re low on fuel and on expert server