Emergency Fuel! WILL I MAKE IT?

Hi i am 60nm out from a 15 hour flight and I am on 1% fuel… will i make it?

inbound: YPPH - 11mins
aircraft: B789

It will be close but I think so.

i am gonna have to reduce speed soon

below FL100

You’ll make it!

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Next time, make sure to pack sufficient fuel.


Cut an engine if it gets really close. You got this

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thanks i am gonna make it!!!

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Dont use reverse, just bakes

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good idea thanks! i am now on 1,200kg fuel -7 mins to dest

Safe bro!!!

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thanks! i am currently descending at 14% throttle

You should be a bit high on your approach just in case you run out fuel, so you can glide to the runway. Also deploy gear at the last second, and stay the highest possible speed on your approach.


yes I will do that! thanks for the advice!

I think you won’t have any complications

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ok thanks for the motivation!

You’ll have plenty.


hey guys! i just landed successfully thank you!

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i’m certain you’ll make it, i might be wrong, but it says 26:10 or something like that, with your destination at about 8 minutes, i’m pretty sure you’ll make it, but don’t take my word for it

Someone can some re fuel you if needed I believe