Emergency fuel button

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday I was on approach in NZQN and I was running a little bit short on fuel. I had to perform a hold, then two go-arounds due to traffic and I ran out of fuel. The problem was that I never had the button to declare a fuel emergency…

I ended up doing a water landing ( it was successful 😅)…

But I don’t understand why the button never showed on my screen… Could anyone explain me why ?

Thank you !

Have a safe next flight


It is because of a rule we’re you can only declare a fuel emergency when you have been in the air for over 1 hour
It is a wired rule but yeah


Didn’t know that… a bit weird of course but I can understand… thanks !

It is so it can not be abused on purpose… Hope you had a safe ditching!
Cign :D


Yes. I was watching a video of a pilot flying from England to Barcelona that declared a fuel emergency. He was helped as much as was possible by the ATC controller but sadly it wasn’t enough. However, he managed to perform a safe ditch in the water off the coast.

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