Emergency fuel button not appearing

I was flying a short flight and about 20 minutes into the flight I realized I had miscalculated fuel. I therefore decided to turn back to my departure airport. Heavy traffic made the total flight time over 1 hour and I had the fuel warning showing I had low fuel. But the option to tell Atc my fuel was not there. It didn’t appear before I had less than 2 minutes of fuel left. After that I ran of fuel, engines died and I crashed. It could have been avoided if the button appeared earlier. Anyone know why?

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The system is set up so people cant abuse it and fly a short haul with no fuel.

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There’s certain time limit to when the emergency fuel option in the atc commands is available

There’s no such thing as an emergency fuel button. There’s a command in the ATC box that announces minimum fuel or emergency fuel but you have to fly for more than an hour. Even still those ATC command prompts wouldn’t have saved you. It’s just announcing to others your current situation.

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But I had flown for more than an hour. Do you know the time before it kicks in?

Well if the controllers knew my conditions earlier they could have skippet me in the que so I wouldn’t have had to fly a long approach

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What server did this occur on? TS1 or Expert?

Expert… Lets be honest, there no hour long approach to land… :P

It was probably at CYVR or CYYZ

Well i had my question answered, the button won’t activate unless a long flight to avoid abuses.


It might be because you were at a high altitude. It happened to me. I was confused why it was not showing up until I started descending. It appeared at about 22,000 ft. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I was at a low altitude without it appearing, probably the flight time length.

What frequency were you connected to(etc. Departure, Tower)?

It did appear in the end at approach, then he immediately sent me over to tower. And there it appeared to.

So it did appear. So what was the problem then, if everything was working fine?

To clarify to the Orginal Poster;

You have to fly for minimum of 1hr before the request will appear on your ATC screen.

For future have a look at the tutorials on flight planning, work out how long your flight will be, then on weight and balance select that amount of fuel, add 1.5hr and an extra 10% for good measure and you should be ok.


The problem was that it didn’t appear before late in the approach, that way I couldn’t inform the controller of my emergency. However I understand how the system works now. And will bring more fuel next flight. And since the flight wasn’t to long I tried to take the least amount of fuel to be able to land under the MLW weight. This can be closed now.