Emergency Diversion

So I was wondering what to do if you have low fuel And are currently using the ILS with ATC and realise that you need to divert. What would you tell ATC? Would you just leave the frequency or request vectors to the alternative airport?

oops sorry forgot to change it too LIVE and ATC sorry

theres a message in the atc menu that you push so atc knows that you need priority handling and landing

well yes you would tell them you have an emergency but what happens when you have already messaged them about the emergency and relise you need to divert?

Like @N1DG said, you can send ATC a special message saying that you have low fuel. Keep in mind that you have to be flying for a certain amount of time before this command is available (Only the devs know the exact amount).

They will usually give you priority in the sequence


Lets say Im approaching KMIA and lets say Im low on fuel and need to divert to FLL how can you tell ATC that you need to divert?

On tower: request departure to the north

On approach: request RV to KFLL


@Nicolas_Betancourt Just to clear that up, in whatever situation, you should never leave a frequency without permission to do so!


That makes sense! Thx

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I would never do that… I would of course request frequency change :)

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Ask for services to the other airport before the freq change, if you just asked for a freq change most controllers will assume you are just wanting to contact tower.

Do you mean vectors?

Flight following
Radar Vectors
ILS/GPS Approach

Usually will do this one.

Thanks everyone for your replies! This topic can close if needed :)

If you are already established on the localizer, just report the low fuel levels and continue your approach. Once on final, there is nothing that can be done to help you. If, however, you are making your descent to intercept, and have low fuel, again report the low fuel levels, and ATC will vector you ahead of most, if not all traffic. And it course, this won’t ever happen if you plan fuel correctly. Hope this was helpful for you, if you’ve got any more questions, feel free to PM me.

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