Emergency Diversion to KBOS

Yesterday August 27,2019 I decided to do a flight from London H- New York( which of course I know they do not do that route with there A380). Then it was nice and over Boston I got a alert 🚨 from Infinite Passengers telling me I suffered a single- engine failure. Then at that moment I came on the IFC and made a topic to help make my decision

Then at that moment I finally made a decision to divert to Boston.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A380-800 BA

Here are the photos

Parked At LHR

Rolling Out On Runway 27R

Approach Into KBOS(after my decision)


Touchdown On Runway 15R (with applause of passengers)



Glad to see you made it down safely!


Thanks @PlaneGeek you really helped me

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How is it in the airbus? Do you just shut down one of the other engines and fly with two so you don’t have an overwhelming amount of thrust from one side? I usually only the 777,737 and MD-11F

I’ve noticed when I shut down one engine on the a Boeing, I have to work the living hell out of the rudder.

You would never shut a working engine down voluntarily

It was infinite passengers that shut it down.

Does the thrust from the other side make your aircraft kind of like, drift to the side?

To answer that. When I got it, it did react a little

Oh, id imagine it just shuts it down the same way? I’m just wondering how the flight control works with the A380 with one engine down. Is it a big difference or what.

Don’t know about IF, but in IRL that’s automatically corrected (at least on the A340. Check out the video about the SWISS A340 engine failure on YouTube.)

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Yes I saw that one.
But sadly I tried to restart the engine and it couldn’t

They didn’t restart either, but had to switch it off due to technical issues. It’s well worth a watch (even a second time!)

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