Emergency communications

Anybody know the full list of emergency communications?

Also, why aren’t they showing up on my “communicate with ATC box”?

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They will only appear when you are very low in fuel. And you have been flying for hours to avoid abuse of the command. So the message won’t be visible on normal conditions :)

P.S : This command is only available in Expert Server


Oh, so it won’t show up in training server?

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Hahaha, yeah. At least the Grade 1s are gone.

But… it feels so… empty without people taxiing through you and taking off from the gate.

Edit : After a confirmation with the mods, this message isn’t only available in Expert. But its available in TS aswell. Sorry for the misinformation 😅

The devs did a great job hiding them from us. I think it adds good realism and this way we now someone is serious about it.

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