Emergency communication with ATC

Mayday! Mayday!! My Samsung has $hit battery. Mayday! Mayday!! Mama sendin me to shop, won’t be long!


If your device is going to run out of battery - plug it in.
The last thing we want is ‘mayday’ calls on LIVE / ATC. There will be somebody calling mayday every single minute, I guarantee you. It will completely kill the entire Live experience


I’d say that emergencies would be randomly created. Like only a 5~10% chance of it. If it is possible, players could be awarded extra xp if they land the plane safely. Also, make it so that you can enable/disable tge system. The emergencies would be from mild to severe.

This is a flight sim not a crash sim, but maybe worth exploring though for the free flight pilots. Sorry to tell you but this is last on the dev’s long list.

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I’d expect. (Just a tad reality to the sim)
Crashing could be the highway to hell.😐

The only problem with that answer…is that there are some older devices that people still use…that will crash any app that is active when you plug or unplug it from the power source…so any flight in progress will be automatically terminated…l think at least of few out there are in …or have been in that predicament at one time or another…

True, just waiting to happen…

I think its a great idea they should add

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No, in the game, as soon as you hit the water you crash. Trying to implement “water landings” will only be available, once we get water aircrafts that land in water.

Secound of all, I feel like this should only be used on the advance server because everyone will abuse it. And tower already has a lot of work of people not listening :)

(this is my opinion, anyone disagree’s please tell me why :D)


It would be highly abused

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I think we should have it, but we gotta limit how many times we can send emergency command a day or a week. So there would be less misuse even we can’t stop happening at the same time.

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It depends on the airport

MaxSez: read my comment of July 15. This Topic “Emergency Comm/Procedures” is redundant! It died a horrible death at birth yet the no nothing’s & kiddies keep bumping it. If you whine about ATC service now and Playground transgressions allowing Emergency anything in IF is like giving a mad dog a bone. Enough already. And please search the archive prior to posting or bumping a Topic or regurgitating a repetitive comment it wastes storage space, is distracting and serves no useful purpose. Gooday.


There would have to have a to prevent people abusing it on PG.


You could restrict it to be used only a specific amount of times, eg. a maximum of twice within a flight. You’d get a violation each time you go over twice, or something like that.

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With the amount of Nimrods in PG I think they should restructuring it to Advanced only.


No. It would get spammed and every second pilot would simulate an emergency situation…

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If this was added the button should only appear if something happens. Like if you have a failure you get a new command to do with the emergency.