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Hello I was watching a crash from Cathay Pacific A330 and i wonder if anybody can make or have made a checklist that go through what to do in a engine failure, full out engine failure etc

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Well i am sure a simple search of what’s on an actual checklist. But if you use a third party app and it does simulate an engine failure, all planes crossing the ocean have a secondary airport i think, in case something goes wrong and they can’t make it to their destination. So maybe there’s a start. Always have a planned airport along your route, as an “Emergency airport” or whatever you’d call it. But other then that, make sure you can maintain your speed and an altitude with one engine… As most twin engine wide body jets can fly safely for over an hour on one engine i believe, someone can hopefully provide more information on that. But yea, simple questions in an engine failure case, am i losing speed? Yes? Dump fuel and lose weight. No? Then continue to your secondary airport per sae…

Sorry for the long paragraph hopefully i helped and provided some help:)


Yes you answered my question @Alphadog4646 but one more thing… What is a good way to make the game so realistic that I can stay on the ground doing paperwork like pilots do such as how much fuel etc. So when there’s a emergency I’m prepared

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https://fpltoif.com/ not really paper work as this website does all the work and math for you, and make the FLP and you can input a second airport to the FLP or something 🙂👍


Helps… but i want to be busy while flying or doing something on the ground like…???

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IF isn’t that realistic so if an engine failure happens you just have to land. There are no extra steps like turing the APU on…

If you use simbiref then an ETOPS map will generate. You can basically go direct to the alternate since eingine failure would be a mayday.
For actual procedures, you would set max continuous thrust and descent to a level where you can maintain speed.
Also, single engine landing is less flaps (all I know is flaps 15 for b737, flaps 1 go around, probably about the same for other aircraft)

Is the Cathay a330 the one that had engine1 stuck at 72%N1

Yes tragic

i mean it wasnt really a crash and everyone survived

Watch this for the A350 (Dual engine flame-out in cruise)

i am so confused… And no, I do not know of any emergency IF checklists, but thats just me.

Yes good. Perfect

That’s a great contribution, thanks!

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All good . I contacted our Flight Training Departement and here is the answer :


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