Emergency calls

Hello everyone, how y’all going?
I’ve been using Infinite PAX in all my flights and it works perfectly with IF but isn’t about that I want to complain about…

I was flying from UUBB (Baku) to EGLL (Heathrow) this morning (7h10 GMT) and I had an engine failure and I couldn’t “express my feelings” to the ATC, spite the fact that the ATC at London Center at the time was so mean to me with no reason.

So, with all that written words, I want request an emergency button in the pilot’s ATC options that would be only able for using if we really had an emergency to declare like the engine failure I had.

Think this is something for the section „feature request“.
Nevertheless good idea. Would be helpful but maybe used in the wrong way. Think about what happens if multiple aircraft will have an emergency the same time. This is nothing that happens in RL. Thank god.

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You may be right… I’ll try to correct it!

As @Rey_Black said there is already a topic in features just for that.

IF pax has stated to use that feature only in solo mode.

Oh ok… I didn’t know that, although, I didn’t see any feature section to create this topic :(