Emergency Call

Okay guys, how can you call in an emergency?
I was doing tower at LAX and i saw someone call in an emergency fuel.

Emergency fuel calls can only be made when you have a low amount of fuel left. When that happens, your ATC UI will give you a prompt that allows you to inform the ATC how much fuel is left, so that they could try to fit you in as soon as possible, hopefully to end the flight with a safe landing.

That said, ATC would definitely not want to see this, as having busy traffic is already enough of a headache, so throwing in an emergency is going to make things messier than it already is. Pilots are encouraged to bring in plenty of spare fuel in the event that there is a need to hold, or be given vectors that may make your flights longer than planned.


It is encouraged to add 1.5-2 hours of extra fuel to account for taxiing, wind direction, holding pattern, and any missed approach.

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Yeah i totally get it, i was just curious since ive never seen a emergency call before

Emergency fuel is only available if you have very low fuels, that will be able automatically on your ATC conversations.

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You also need to have a bit of flighttime… departing San Diego for LAX with 20mins of fuel wont make you able to call an emergency

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