Emergency call

I hope Soon, There will be another phrase before the captain says, “We have a shortage of fuel level …”
For example, adding "Mayday Mayday Mayday"

To be a real situation in the cockpit is during that problem that the pilot faces.

do you agree with me?!!

Why? We don’t have emergencies in the game, and there’s also a “Low Fuel” command. This simply isn’t needed.


As @emil said, there is already a low fuel request and the mayday command will only make this more complex and may cause confusion. This may be considered if one day there’s emergencies in IF but now? I don’t think its a good idea.

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We have, when you fly for a long time and forget about low fuel, and you need the nearest airport to land.

I suggest… no more


You’ve just explained the perfect time to use the current feature, proving Emil’s point accidentally.

I don’t think this is needed. It is rather preemptive—‘cart before the horse,’ if you will. First more emergencies need to be implemented before your idea makes more sense. I’ve attached a feature request you may wish to vote on, as such, below.



Everyone here is trying to improve the sim, you’re right, you are just suggesting, and if you are just suggesting you should be more open to responds, there’s no such thing as a 100% pass on your topic. People here already explained about the cons of having this feature, if you think your topic is really needed, then prove it. But by what we see here this is unnecessary. 🙂

Hmmm you got a point there… Might be fun to add. But the text command could only appear when the following happens:

  • When low fuel text command appears
  • During a stall

Can you please explain why on earth will a plane goes into a stall when the pilot is present here? If you are doing it intentionally then its not appropriate in ES 😂

Human error😅

I saw here in many topic.
Who said, why there is no malfunction or defect in the plane to make pilot land at the nearest airport “by this call” but the game supervisors said No… “I don’t know why they refused that.”


That seems to be another thing. If not with ATC control when stalling, there’s no need to announce it—one can correct the issue without informing anyone, as pilots have done for years.

If the stall occurs and may become worse while in control of ATC and it is important to go against an instruction (eg. “Maintain slowest practical speed”) then an expandable Unable command may be the answer to your addition. You may wish to vote for this below.


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