Emergency at IAH

Recently at IAH we saw a 772 going in a weird direction compared to other landing traffic… after further investigation we realized it was not landing, instead going to SFO. See picture shown

I tuned into ATC to see what was going on and after about 5 min we heard “UA508 declaring emergency” reason unknown as of now and tower gave vectors to land runway 15L which is not a normal landing runway if you know anything about Houston. I am still trying to figure out what caused the emergency. has anyone heard anything?


Looked and the aircraft is delayed for another 3 hours so it’s not really something big like switich airplanes ect… All I know so far!

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As of now the plane is still on Flightradar24 and sitting on the runway maybe conducting an evacuation

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How did you get into the atc

Probably used a radio scanner.

I hope everybody on the plane is ok, and the plane isn’t destroyed.


There’s a website called liveatc.net that allows you to tune into a good number of airports.


You can choose what you frequency you want Here

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Yup I’m really blind lol

No worries I did the same thing, I went on FR24 and put UAL503!

Thanks this is so cool

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We would have heard about that on ATC, aircraft do turn back with some small amount of regularly. Something not running right, gear not coming up, medical, etc, etc, not always serious, but we’ll have to see how this pans out…

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Hey, nice topic, but the post can go in here!

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But what if I physically saw the plane? 😂

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You can still post it in there, even the IRL photo if you have it, to that topic :)

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