Emergency Alert lead to Violation

Hi all,

This is going to sounds like a very newbie question and one that a (Now former) Grade 5 pilot wouldn’t usually ask. But, seeing as the times we are in are very unusual and someone suggested I might be able to get it reverted, I thought I’d ask this anyways:

I’d just taken off from KHOB, expert server of course. I’m on my climbout in a little CRJ200 and I was having problems gaining speed and altitude, so I set my throttle to full.

Here’s the plot twist and what makes this unique:

As I’m climbing out, I receive an emergency alert for my area regarding this COVID-19 pandemic. In reading the message (which is very important) my speed climbs above 250kts and I end up violated.

Let’s clear this up a bit. Yes, I am asking if this can be reverted. This was completely out of my control, and suggesting not to revert it would simply be suggesting I shouldn’t have read the emergency alert. An alert sent out to help save lives.

Under any other circumstance (Say a call coming in or clicking on a notification and proceeding to get a violation) I would completely understand if the violation was not reverted, but in this case, the alert was temporarily much more important than a virtual flight.

Well, all I can hope at this point is that someone who has the power to reverse this reads this thread and at least can understand the frustration I have.

Stay safe and be well

With Gratitude,
Gabriel S.


You should’ve engaged autothrottle before reading the message - this is unfortunately your wrong doing and not the applications - so these violations are unlikely to be removed

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This is a tough situation and I don’t think there’s necessarily an objectively clear answer to what is “right” here. Yes, it’s an emergency alert, and yes, this should always take precedence over IF. At the same time, I’m assuming you still have access to ES (correct me if I’m wrong). If it was only one violation, well, it’s only one violation. Not a big deal in the large scheme of things, and I’m sure you’ll recover your grade in a week. I do understand your frustration though as it’s always annoying to get a vio from something somewhat out of your control. Honestly, considering the current context and world situation, I’m not entirely sure what the right answer is here.


Not really helping… the message appeared in the middle of the screen. I didn’t know what the message was about and for all I knew, it might have been urgent.

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Was it a yellow or red message?

I 100% agree with you. I would almost like to see the IF team implement a temporary system to deal with these kind of situations. So there’s a fine line, if you know what I’m saying.

It was red, a violation.

Wrong place, wrong phase of flight, at the wrong time🤷‍♂️

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Well, as a community, there is nothing specifically we can do for you.

In terms of the message, it is true that it is pushed to every phone, as I have gotten a couple myself. And, your story does seem plausible, albeit there are things that you could have done in order to not receive violations.

I think you are probably at the mercy of the first staff/mod to see this, I’m betting Seb :P


Yeah, you’re right haha! At the time, the screeching of all three cellphones in my house going off really just made me not think about the possibility of getting a violation 😂

Interesting circumstances you have for sure! Usually whenever these types of threads are created, they are something along the lines of “my partner/wife/sibling/Keanu Reeves/God himself called and I had to answer”, and in those cases violations are never reversed as it isn’t the app’s fault, and the violations are just. But these extraordinary times require extraordinary consideration…;)

If you’re lucky, a Mod might reverse this. The problem then lies is that everyone might claim they had an “Emergency Alert” and had to leave flight. I would leave your callsign and display name and see what happens. Good luck :)


Ah yes, that makes sense. Though, if you’d be so kind to link me to the thread about “God Himself Calling” I’d be immensely grateful 🤣

Of course we can never have anything nice (such as violations getting reverted in extraordinary circumstances) because of those who tend to like to abuse such things.

My callsign at the time was: UVAL308

Display name was: IFAET IPP Oskapew

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Hopefully you can get it reversed… you signed up for my grade 4 and 5 event😬

Oh SHOOT! I did O_O

What day is that happening again? I’d presume less than a week?

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On the 12th lol…

Okay, see? This is why I need to get this reversed ASAP lol!

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Yeah exactly😂 let’s hope a mod sees this…

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In #support schyllberg will see it.


Or you could just tag him…

@schyllberg your assistance is requested…

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I’m wondering if I should pm him- Oh, nevermind haha