Emergency 7700 and 7600

That’s totally true!

BAW30CV squawk 7700.

Plane: A320


I lost them on radar one minute after they declared general emergency.

I have 7700 alerts turned on in FR24 app and I get at least one almost every day. I see no reason to post all of them here unless something serious actually happens.

It’s just a way to inform you guys and discuss what’s going on.

So 5% of the worlds population is in the the air at one time? Seems fishy.

I make it 0.0625% of the population is in the air at any one time based on the statistic above

He said 500 million.

Prague to Heathrow

I stand corrected, it is actually 0.0625%

You just said that…

I didn’t, I said 0.0000625 then corrected it to 0.0625

That was your first post

Your second post :/

I edited my first post

It doesn’t say you did for me :/
Never mind…

Ah it’s because it was an edit less than 5 minutes after the post, that’s why it doesn’t show.

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