I know this should be in ‘Features’ but I am not at TL2 yet but I wanted to make this request anyway. I think that ‘Random Emergencies’ could be quite fun! When you configure your flight (choose an aircraft…etc…) you should be able to have the option ‘Do you want to have an emergency possibly happen during this flight?’ with a Yes/No tick box. I think this could be interesting although if you wanted to have an emergency possibly happen, you would have to be near your phone the whole time! Just a suggestion but could be a good idea - it would make IF even more realistic!

Please search before posting

There is a third party developer develop working on emergency’s on his app Infinte Passengers.


Like the others said above, don’t forget to search!

Also, if your post starts like this, just wait until you’re TL2 to post that topic. Thanks! :)

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He said that emergencies shoudnt happen when LNAV/VNAV is on! That isnt realistic, I would like to see emergencies that could happen at any point in the flight!

A list of possible emergencies:
Fuel leak (+anything fuel related)
Engine failure (multiple reasons (e.g. bad weather)
Loss of hudraulics/control of the aircraft
Failure of elevator/alierons/flaps
The addition of the Ram Air Turbine (RAT) or an APU on/off switch if both engines fail
Even more but cant think of anything else…

Please read the posts above and vote on emergencies in the #features topic provided. Thanks!

I strongly advice against this. We have the trust levels for a reason.