Emerald VA is looking for pilots

Hello this is the CEO of emerald airlines

We are a virtual airline operating in infinite flight. We have just had a major reboot. New website and new staff member. The only thing we are lacking is pilots. Please reply to this thread and sign up online at http://gjwhite14.wix.com/emeraldifva. We operate routes in SOCAL, SOFLO and the Carrabien. When global comes out we will operate long haul routes making travel easy for everyone. We currently operate the dash 8, Embraer 190 and Cessna 208. Awe are planning on adding larger aircrafts such as the 787 soon and many more when global comes.

If you want a realistic flying experience operating charter and scheduled flights emerald is for you.

We look forward to having some of you as pilots soon.

Matt Elphick
CEO of Emerald airlines

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Why do you have to have live for it?

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No need to advertise so much.

Because it is a VA who do flights together and use ATC. if you don’t have love you can still join it is just easier if you do. PM Me for more details

I have a question does it require live ?

Yes it does.

Oh then I can’t join 😅

@SpirtA319 - PM him for more details, that’s what I just did. I asked If I could log just fly in solo and PM him my flight stats.

Not necessarily PM me

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Oh sorry.😞😞

Matt did u get my PM

@SpiritA319 go to the website and click join fleet and just click on the application- don’t have live.

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By your own very humble admission…you must be the youngest airline CEO in aviation history…wonder how much area your golden parachute is going to cover…just don’t end up stuck in a tree !!! …cause some relative of William Tell might decide to get some target practice in…

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