Emerald Airways

Inspired be the teal waters off the western coast of the Florida Pinensula, I’m proud to present to you Emerald Airways! We operate charter and scheduled services throughout the carribean and south Florida region. If you want to join or visit us, here is our link: http://gjwhite14.wix.com/emeraldifva


Are you still hiring now

Why ask here when you can apply there? :)

Like this is a relatively new VA… Started just 7 hours ago LOL


Hello Josh here, i am 1 of 2 co CEO here at emerald air. We are the most realistic original VAs in the IF world

U can’t lie

Im not though

Well it’s not true

Oh it is atleast one of them

We’re working out our systems right now on our discord. Still working on the route maps, but we’ll have them soon. We’ll have a couple of improvements to the website soon as well.

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All we need is pilots

Agreed… How should we get them?

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Go on that chat thing