Emerald Airways - Company Revamp

I decided to re-organize this airline better, for the sake of remembering staff.

We have a new policy: If you are in-active for more than a week you will be automatically fired.

Board of Directors: @gjwhite14
CEO: @Matt_Elphick
Co-CEO: @jjt0909 @eli_Mumm

Website Manager: @Kieran_Lockhart
Financial Advisor: (hiring)
Recruiter 1: (Hiring)
Recruiter 2: (Hiring)


Website: http://gjwhite14.wixsite.com/emeraldifva

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@CaptJackson I’ll arrange some flights soon but first I need to sort this mess of an airline out. Same for you @jjt0909 @eli_Mumm

Roger that

Hi there im looking to be a pilot for you im grade 3

Ok, go to our website and apply there.

Done that buddy

Ok, i’m reviewing it right now.

Cheers buddy

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