EMBRAER Super Tucano VS A-10 Thunderbolt II



In your opinion, which is the best fighter for close air support, guerrilla combat, and has the greatest advantage on the battlefield?


I work both airframes every day and I’d put my money on an A10 any day of the week. It’s the most relevant aircraft in our inventory! 🇺🇸


Love the A-10


They arent called fighters they are called Attacker aircraft. Fighter aircraft are a completely different type of aircraft.


A-10 is my favorite military aircraft.

A-10 any day. Would love to be able to fly in one. Kinda a bucket list of mine. It’s one bad*** aircraft. That Vulcan cannon is just oh my amazing

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The A-10 looks superb!

I really like both , but something about the Tucano that makes me prefer it !

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Avenger* sorry

The a10 is such a tough aircraft. Pilots have reported loosing an engine completely and not even noticing a real difference in the performance of the aircraft. I mean they obviously new but in one documentary the pilot never really knew until he landed safely back at the airfield

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They were designed to fly on one engine

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Guerilla combat? Super Tucano. CAS? A bit unfair, but for low cost and ease of access the Tucano wins. For contested environments-in which the A-10 would usually not enter if I’m right-the Hawg. Greatest advantage? Again, it depends on what the battlefield looks like. If it’s small and high chance of danger close, then the ST. If it’s open with plenty of targets, Hawg.

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