Embraer Series Rework

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The Embraer Commercial Jets are very popular amongst the airlines and I believe they could use a rework! Airbus and Boeing have been competing over the smaller airline industry over the past few years and within the past year things have become intense!

With the Boeing fighting to takeover Bombardier (and losing) to the WTO trade dispute between the EU (Airbus) and Boeing, it has become clear that smaller aircrafts are a key part of the aviation industry.

Furthermore, Airbus has partnered with Bombardier to take over their C series production (A220) AND Boeing has entered into a joint-venture with Embraer to compete with the A220 as of 5 months ago. Needless to say, the small aircraft (regional jet) space will enter a new age.

With this being said, I would like to officially request a rework of the Embraer Series:

  • E170
  • E175
  • E190
  • E195

They were released in 2012 and could use a little love plus the addition of numerous liveries!

I would love to hear what everyone thinks and thanks for reading!


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