Embraer planes

Hey, are Embraer great planes ? not many countries seem to use them, or am i wrong ? :)

I like the IF ones…

Look closer. Embraer is a smaller company than the modern day ‘superpowers’ of the industry. They’re regional/short haul aircraft so they’re not the easiest to spot.

They are good for now, they’ll get reworked someday, possibly with more liveries.

Are you talking about the real or the IF ones?

There are Embraers in North and South America, Europe and Australia. Only the Asians seem not to operate them.

Real ones :)

Seen them fly over my house though :)

Asia does, at least in Japan
Fuji dream airlines

Are they relaible ? like Boeing, Airbus :) no faults and so on

Yes (filler)

Not unless you live by JFK. The E-190’s launch customer is based here (jetBlue).

I’ve been on an Embraer from Genoa to Fumicino and it was great! Really not much difference for the passenger apart from the plane being smaller and tighter and 2-2 seating. But other than that not much difference for the passenger.

I thought he was referring to the fact that they are small and are hard to take photos of (As in spotting)? I have a hard time with them too, especially at large airports. I have very few publishable photos of RJs.

I could be wrong though in his interpretation though. @Freddiefrogs please let me know if I’m wrong.

Since the angle of their cockpit windows you have to get them on their sides to be a A.net grade picture. Still haven’t gotten a good picture of shuttle Americas e170 yet.

@Boeing707, you’re more along the lines of what I meant.

Nice, what engines do they have :) ?

In the UK, Flybe use E175s and E195s. Pretty similar to the 737s, just smaller. Been on them myself :-)

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Been on ERJ145 and it was alright. Was only annoyed by the sound of the engines as they are attached to the back of the fuselage.

I’ve flown on a Virgin Australia ERJ190

The new E2 models actally look really nice 😊 dont you guys agree ? 😀 195 E2 http://www.embraercommercialaviation.com/Pages/Ejets-195-E2.aspx