Embraer Phenom 300

On Monday I went on one of my church leaders private jet that he flies for a famous author. The interior of the plane was really nice and the cockpit was very advanced. All in all, this is a very, very nice aircraft.

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Wow, that’s really nice



That is a really nice aircraft! Much better than my cessna 172 :)

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At least you have an airplane!!! :)

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That’s awesome, I’d like a Citation X, just to start haha

Embraer? It’s a Cessna Citation :)

At least I do, nothing better than flying whenever you want :)

Haha that would do :)

It clearly says Phenom 300 on the airplane. :)


It’s a Phenom 300. Use Google Images and compare aircrafts if you don’t believe me or:

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The yoke is “krazy” looking 😂

And those seats look so comfortable

When I first saw it I said it looks like the handlebars to a bike. You also fly it like you are holding onto the handlebars of a bike.

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The seats are very comfortable but you can’t stand up in straight in this plane

Looks a lot like a Cessna situation x to me

Wow, great!

that cockpit tho :-)

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What a nice bird :)

Sorry, I got confused, they’re soooo similar. :)