Embraer Phenom 300

In that case you might wanna check out the Embraer aircraft in IF.

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I have but this one looks way cooler!

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Sure but what I did wanna say is that the yoke do look like the phenoms.

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I just watched it yesterday. I love Chops and Steveo. I think at one point in the video during climb out, they were doing about 4000fpm. 🤤


Yes they did.

I was suprised that this jet is still a single pilot one because of its size.


I would vote for this! But ran out ;-;


Is that wool in the cockpits seat ?! On another note , thats a very hd cockpit. I would definitely fly in this luxury.

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Does seem like that.

Yes we would fly them and it wouldn’t even look to weird to see like 20 within a radius of 50nm around yourself because it is the best selling bizzjet 😂😂😂

Lovely aircraft! flown on many in my life. Super fun!


Die you Charter them or how die you do that?🙃

Do u guys like the Enbraer style yoke?
Becuse I don’t :)

Probably not my favorite but I think that’s just a matter of getting used to.

Yah… I guess:)
It always feels like and looks like I’m over cintroling it!!

As long as you are able to land safe …😄

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It’s a beautiful aircraft! You got my vote!!!


I would guess at this point all people flying around there couldn’t think of any better job than this one 😄

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Phenom 300…

Could that be our mystery GA plane?
I hope it will be a turbofan like a little biz jet 😍

I’ll slap a vote on this. Love the Phenom

Infinite flight definitely needs more private jets. It would be great if the had Gulfstream jets. Definitely got my vote 🗳

This needs more attention- This is the first aircraft I ever touched the controls of and right now I have a once a week gig cleaning one at my local airport. Super smooth because of the wheels being behind the gear strut, feels like taking off in a rocket. Climbs like crazy, is really flexible for all situations and can fly above the airline traffic. By far my favorite business jet. Pretty cheap relative to others- only $9 million 👀