Embraer Phenom 100EV


My Opinion

In my opinion this aircraft should be added as a perfect short range city-city airplane. Because of its size and high amount of power it is able to take of and land on smaller airfield/ports than many other very light jets (VLJ). Further monetize does have the largest interior in the very light business jet class, created by the BMW Group DesignworksUSA, with an “Oval Lite” cabin profile. Another reason for it is that it is probably the newest aircraft of it’s class => best modern tech.

Description of the Manufacturer

In our view, the norm begs to be rejected. And from that guiding premise emerged our clean-sheet Phenom 100EV — a high-performance entry-level jet for up to seven occupants that offers remarkable cabin comfort, unsurpassed ramp presence, and the economics of a turboprop. Factor in class-leading next generation technology and the Phenom 100EV becomes all the more compelling — a product of rejecting what is, in order to create what can be.



  • Maximum speed: M 0.70
  • Cruise speed: 750 km/h (405 kn)
  • Range: 2,182 km (LRC, four 200 lb occupants, NBAA IFR reserves with 100 nmi alternate) (1,178 nmi)
  • Service ceiling: 12,497 m (41,000 ft)
  • Take-off distance: 3,199 ft / 975 m (MTOW, SL, ISA)
  • Landing distance: 2,430 ft / 741 m (SL, ISA, four 200 lb occupants, NBAA IFR reserves with 100 nm alternate)
  • V2min: around 108 ktas, depending on circumstances
  • Minimum controllable speed: 97 kn IAS
  • Hourly fuel burn (600 nmi trip, four 200 lb (91 kg) occupants, NBAA IFR Reserves. SL Takeoff, ISA)
    1st hour - 109 US Gal (414 l)
    2nd hour - 77 US Gal (292 l)

Dimensions & etc.

  • Length: 12.82 m (42 ft 1 in)
  • Wingspan: 12.3 m (40 ft 4 in)
  • Height: 4.35 m (14 ft 3 in)
  • Cabin height: 1.5 m (4.9 ft)
  • Cabin length: 3.35 m
  • Capacity: five to seven passengers
  • Min. Crew: one pilot
  • Fuel capacity: 2,804 lb (1,272 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 10,582 lb (4,800 kg)
  • Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E turbofans, 7.70 kN (1,730 lbf ISA + 8 ºC flat rated) each
  • Cabin altitude: 8,000 ft at 41,000 ft
  • Max. takeoff weight: 10,582 lb (4,800 kg)
  • Empty weight: 3275 kg (7221 lb)
  • Payload:
    Max : 755 kg (1,664 lb)
    Full fuel : 253 kg (557 lb)

Embraer‘s Virtual Tour of The Phenom 100

Go for it!

Possible Liveries

If you do know some more liveries,… please send me a PM and I will add it.

That baby jet looks very nice !

I would love to fly with it to some minor west African airports or even in the Alps near me.


@Q-ENAN I am sure that would be awesome! I think it’s perfect for flying in europe and the US/Caribbean.
The only advise I can give you if you do like it is vote for it 😃

@Boeing773ER no Problem. Everybody does have a different taste but you are right. This is the best looking jet of its class
(I do like the big bizzjets as well but there was already for every jet I do like a thread so I did creat one for this nice hopper😋)


It’s a beautiful aircraft! You got my vote!


Thank you very much sir!

And to all other voters as well!😄


I already voted for the 300 :/

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It’s just an advise you don’t have to follow it if you don’t agree 🙃😋

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Engins are too small for my taste:)

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I personally like that feature of small engines as long as it does fit for the aircraft.

The one I do not like is for example the original 737.


Oh yah, too long. But love the reverse on that tho.



My favorite type of „reverse thrust/brakeing“ is a drag shute 😂😂😂


Yess, met a pilot who flew one of these


Cool. What did he said about it?

I am really interested about that!

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We need so many more GA aircraft they are lovely to fly!


I’d rather see the HondaJet. The factory is near my house here in Greensboro, USA.


The H-jet is not bad and definitely unique but in my opinion the Phenom 100 does have a much more elegant design.

But no matter wich one might end up in IF it won’t be bad😋


Haha he’s got a lot of hours in it. But says it’s slowwww


Well that’s probably the reason why Embraer did update the Phenom 100.

The Phenom 100E did just about 500km/h at cruise Speed.
The Phenom 100EV does have a cruise speed of 405 ktas (750 km/h).

So it’s a significant step up. But you obviously shouldn’t compare it to the speed of a Cessna Citation X or Gulfstream G650ER.
It’s a totally different for what you do use those. At shorter trips (sich the Phenom is made for the higher cruise speed does not really offer a big enough time saving in relation to the higher fuel burn.

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Yo me too man!
Since I’m Japanese I would love a Honda Jet!!


But the Phenom does have a slightly higher range and better takeoff/landing distance 😉.