Embraer liveries

Hello everyone. Infinite flight has being adding new liveries and I really like that. But I think you should considering adding more liveries on the embraer families. I love this plane and many people do but the problem is that this family has like 5 liveries per aircraft. For example Aeromexico embraer 190. I know there are other Aeromexico planes but the e190 has a lot of routes and it’s a good idea for the embraer 190. Also American Airlines and maybe the new livery of United. Thanks for reading this and I hope you consider to add new liveries.

Hey mate,

I completely agree and would love to see some new liveries added to the Embraer aircraft in the future.

Be sure to take a look at the #features category and vote for any of the liveries you would like to see added there. That’s the best way to show your support and the more votes a feature has, the higher the chance of it being implemented.

Have a good day mate!


I second this. And perhaps there’s even a rework request thread for the E-jets family!

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