Embraer Lineage 1000E (EVJ)

There is an other topic but it hasn’t been used since 2017 so here is a new one.

This aircraft would be great for IF as a longer range private jet.



Max altitude - 41000 feet
Max speed (Mach) - 0.82
Range - 4700nm (About the distance from London to Dallas)
Takeoff distance - 6076 feet
Landing distance - 2450 feet

Put your thoughts down below

Dang, didnt know that this plane had that far of a range ;)
In the future I might clear a vote for this!


OOOhhh that looks fire. I want that. (IRL and in game)


Yah it also has a full sized shower


Cool plane ! I like the look of all Embrears but unfortunately I have no votes left :(

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I want more private aircraft in IF. VOTED!

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Yah that is one thing I didn’t add even one more private jet is enough.

That range is 😳😳

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My exact thought

This jet also has a LR version with a range of 5100 (NM) but, it has to have additional fuel tanks on the wings.

I would probably (also) vote on this feature request since it likely only has a chance of being added if the E-jet family gets reworked:

You got my vote, would be a cool addition!

I have already but it doesnt say anything about this aircraft