Embraer Legacy 450

Embraer Legacy 450

For me this would be a great plane to fly medium hauls
It is little and fast and can travel many distances

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Are you wanting this be added if so, this should be in the #features
I checked your IFC you’re not the required TL (Trust Level) to post in the features thread, you need to be TL2 you are TL1, to get to TL2 Go like people’s posts, be active in other communities members posts, read the long posts, and you’ll get TL2 in no time


Yes,but for some reason it doesn’t let me post there on #features

My mistake, i added a bit in to my first comment please have a read through it:)

Thanks I’ll go and do that now

Great little aircraft, would be great to have. You can’t start a thread in features just yet as you are only. A basic user (TL1). You can only start threads in Features when you are a TL2 (member) Keep reading threads, liking comments and replying on posts and you will get there soon.

@Alphadog4646 added same info whilst I was typing my reply! :-)

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I just got the member and will it work now

You are now TL2 you shouldn’t have any problems

Mod can close this chat now:)

But I’m still clicking on it but doesn’t work

I restarted the pg and now working
Thanks for the tips @Alphadog4646

It wasn’t only me, don’t forget @David_Lockwood:)

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Now a mod can close this:)

Yep they sure can