Embraer Help

I am looking for a walkthrough that can give me the landing and takeoff information for the Embraer. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Which one?

I currently have the ERJ-175

Oh, I have the ERJ-190

Is this what you’re looking for?


Oh, sorry. I just now noticed the data for the Embraers is missing.

Just try it yourself in Solo!
Trial & Error works well. :)

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i have the whole ERJ family, what do you want to know?

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The landing and takeoff speed. Recommendation for flaps on takeoff. What flap degrees to use at what speed. Recommended load that kind of thing

I will look tomorrow, it’s here ow 20.40

T.O. 33,700 kg:Trim 40%,Flaps 10,N1 85%,Vr 135 kias. Landing 30,223 kg: Trim 55%, Flaps 7 kias 170,Flaps 10 kias 160,Flaps 20 kias 150,Flaps 37 kias 130. Good flight.


Thanks. Question though, isnt 55% trim a little high?

I use about 14% for ERJ-190 and land at 145 knots

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do you land on AP or manually? and when do you usually apply the trim, right before landing or farther out?

Use this…

Its B737-800 Tutorial but it works similar.

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Sometimes I Google up airline or simulator Pilot Operating Handbook
They help but are sometimes very long.


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