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Loganair Embraer 135

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✈️ What is this aircraft with the strange nose? ✈️

Originally from the Embraer 135’s Wikipedia page and changed by me to make it more clearer

The Embraer ERJ 135 is a twin-engine regional jet produced by Embraer that seats 37 passengers. The jet is powered by two turbo fan engines. The aircraft was designed with a series of regional, turboprop jets. They are the ERJ 135 (this one), the ERJ 140 and the ERJ 145.

The ERJ series were designed for a perceived new market for regional jet aircraft, where the increased speed, comfort and passenger appeal would outweigh the inherent fuel economy of the turboprop aircraft which were in service and in development.

✈️ Why I think we should have the Embraer 135 ✈️

My opinion

I think we should have the ERJ 135 as another small regional jet. As we know for Infinite Flight we do not have that much small regional jets. We have the Dash 8, CRJ 200 and Boeing 717. (there is more but I just wanted to say these) But what about proper regional get flying? Maybe around Scotland? Haha. I also think we should get this aircraft as Loganair fly it and as we know we have no Loganair in Infinite Flight. That is my opinion.

✈️ Embraer 135 Specifications ✈️

From the Embraer 135’s Wikipedia page


  • 2 flight crew
  • 37 seats
  • 26.33 m (86 ft 5 in) in length
  • 20.04 m (65 ft 9 in) in wingspan
  • 6.76 m (22 ft 2 in) in height
  • 20,000 kg (44,092 lbs) is the MTW
  • 18.500 kg (40.785 lbs)


  • 450 knts is the maximum cruse speed
  • 1,750 nmi is the maximum range
  • 37,000 ft is the maximum altitude

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I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!! I love Embraer, and think the ERJ line in IF needs an update. I am happy that someone else loves the low wing ERJ’s as much as I do, and I think the ERJ 135 or 145 (or both) would make a great addition to IF, as we certainly need a capable regional jet. (Although I guess we have the CRJ’s). Either way, I’m glad this topic is getting some attention, and I am going to fight with you on this one till the end!

Wow… great to see another one for the ERJ!

The ERJ 145 request can be found here

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My new favorite plane for a few months, would love to see it in IF

That is great to see, thank you for the vote :)

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Uhhhh… I think you mean turbo fan engines.


You can edit to… you are TL3 and that is a wiki. Haha

Oh. Didn’t see that.

Haha. All my #features apart from an old one are a wiki because I am known for making a mistake

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I could smell this coming Luke…

Nice thread!

Because Loganair fly them? haha

Thank you very much!

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Wow, this feature request is well formatted!! I like formatted posts. I unfortunately don’t have a vote. Once I have an open vote or more votes, this will be one of the first ones. Bookmarked ✅

I am glad you like the topic, I try to put as much information in it as I can. Thank you very much :)

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Well, you put the right amount of info. Not too much, but not too little either.

Imagine this livery on the ERJ-135

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It is the best plane to Fly in)
And It is so comfortable to control it

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Nice livery :)

I we get the ERJ series, we should get a feature with it that makes you have to manually control the speed the way you would with the ERJ in real life.

IRL the autopilot gives you the option to either set the speed OR the V/S during climb. After that the throttle is up to you.

If you were to list the names of the liveries, what would they be?

Would be cool to have another airline added

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