Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia

Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia

My Point of View

The Embraer EMB 120 Brasilla is great little turboprop aircraft that has a pressurised cabin and can fly up to 32,000 feet.

The Specs

  • Engine: 2 X Pratt & Whitney PWII8B turboprop

  • Avionics: Rockwell Collins Pro Line II

  • Power: 1,800 horsepower

  • Max Cruise Speed: 315 knots - 583 Km/h

  • Service Ceiling: 32,000 feet

  • Rate of Climb: 1200 feet / minute

  • Price: $11 Million US Dollars

  • Charter Price From: $1000 to: $1200 USD

  • Numbers Ordered: 351

  • Seats - Economy / General: 37 seats

  • Seats - Business Class: 30 seats

  • Seats - First Class: 0

  • Cabin Height: 1.76 metre - 5.77 feet

  • Cabin Width: 2.1 metre - 6.89 feet

  • Cabin Length: 9.38 metre - 30.77 feet

  • Exterior Length: 20 metre - 65.62 feet

  • Fuselage Diameter: 2.28 metre - 7.48 feet

  • Wing Span / Rotor Diameter: 19.78 metre - 64.89 feet

  • Baggage Volume: 6.3 m3 - 222 ft3

  • Max Take Off Weight: 58,153 Kg - 128,204 lbs

  • Max Payload: 3,320 Kg - 7,319 lbs

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 856 gallon - 3,238 litre

  • Fuel Economy: 0.94 nautical mile / gallon - 0.460 kilometres / litre

  • Travel Range: 800 Nautical Miles or 1,482 Kilometers

  • Min Take Off Distance: 1560 metre - 5,118.05 feet

  • Min Landing Distance: 1380 metre - 4,527.50 feet

If you want to see this added into the game please vote in the blue box on the top left of the screen.

Livery Requests

You can go vote for a livery below.

United Express Globe Livery
Air North
Skywest Airlines


Please note that this feature request is just for the Embraer EMB 120 Brassillia and not the Air North livery, I am going to make an Air North livery request. I know there is already a request for this and I have flagged it for closer as it’s not detailed.


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sorry appears this is a duplicate

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Wow… takes a while to get to that ceiling! 😂 (around 3250 minutes by the way lol)

This topic is so much more detailed than the other one, and considering the other has just 7 votes? I reckon we should keep this one alive!


That’s what it says on the website.

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Definitely keep this new one! :)


I love this beautiful little aircraft! I used to fly on it all the time when SkyWest operated them out of Montana (before the CRJs). The proportions are perfect and it looks so nice and sleek. I will definitely free up a vote, we need a turbo prop like it in the sim!

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This is such a Beautiful Aircraft! I really hope they add this to IF! It is just such an Amazing Turbo Prop! We have no other aircraft like this in IF! Definite vote! :)

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I agree it’s just a very sleek and good looking aircraft.

I know that KLM, United, and SkyWest used this aircraft. There is also the Brazilian Air Force Livery which would be cool! :)

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I’m just about to post a livery request for Air North.

Here are some of my favorites!


United (multiple liveries used on this aircraft)

Air France

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When I seen the Air France one at first I thought it was the Concorde

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It also looks like Delta connection operated this aircraft! I had no idea how popular of an aircraft this was!


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Above is a picture of the details of the aircrafts width, height and length. It would be awesome to see this little aircraft in Infinite Flight.

Image credit: Wikipedia Commons

Is it, or have you simply copied and pasted from Wiki like I have?

No common parts from EMB 121 Xingu were used, and the capacity was revised from 24 to 30 seats. Originally designed to utilise the new 1500 shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PW115 turboprop, it was later upgraded to the 1892 eshp PW118.[1]

The Brasilia attracted immediate interest from many regional airlines, particularly in the US. The size, speed and ceiling allowed faster and more direct services around the US and Europe, compared to similar aircraft. The first aircraft entered service with Atlantic Southeast Airlines in October 1985. The basic EMB 120RT was upgraded to the extended range (1,575 km) EMB 120 ER, with older aircraft retrofitted via a Service Bulletin.

This would be great to see!

UA used to fly these to Camarillo! Back when the airport had regularly scheduled passenger service

SNA used to get them too like US Air