Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia

Considering its popularity, I am very surprised the Brasilia hasn’t been suggested yet, It’s a nice turbo-prop with a lot of history, and I would love to see it in IF.


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Not a good safety record. 27 Strike/total losses w/fatalities since introduction.
In service w/only 4 US feeder/minor lines. SkyWest recently sent theirs packing. New FAR-117 (Flight time) requirements made them uneconomical. Next.
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Considering it’s design is nearly 35 years old and it hasn’t been built since 14 years ago but yet around 23% of them are still in service it can’t be that bad.

Good to know someone else besides me wants this. I fully support this request! :)


Supporting too!

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I agree it is my favorite air plane to fly in, still getting over sky west retiring them, but it would be great for Oshkosh region!

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