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The Embraer E-Jet E2 family are medium ranged series of aircraft developed by Embraer. The program was launched at the Paris Air Show all the way back in 2013. The first variant, the E190-E2, took its first flight on 23 May 2016 and was certified on February 28, 2018 before entering service with Widerøe on 24th April 2018.

The three twinjet variants (E175-E2, E190-E2 and the E195-E2) share the same four-abreast narrow-body fuselage with different lengths and three different new wings, [Pratt & Whitney PW1000G turbofans in two sizes, fly-by-wire controls with new avionics and an updated cabin.


The Embraer E2 family operates for some unique airlines. Here are the confirmed orders:

- Taken from Wikipedia -


Variant E175-E2[73] E190-E2[74] E195-E2[75]
Flight deck crew 2 pilots
Seating, dual class 80 (8J @36 in +72Y @31 in) 96 (12J @38 in +84Y @31 in) 120 (12J @36 in +108Y @31 in)
Seating, single class 88 @31 in, 90 max @29 in 104 @31 in, 114 max @29 in 132 @31 in, 146 max @28 in
Seat width 18.3 in (46 cm)[76]
Length 32.4 m (106.3 ft) 36.24 m (118 ft 11 in.) 41.5 m (136.2 ft)
Height 9.98 m (32.7 ft) 10.95 m (35 ft 11.3 in) 10.9 m (35.8 ft)
Wingspan 31.0 m (101.7 ft) 33.72 m (110 ft 7.6 in) 35.124 m (115 ft 2 in)[77]
Wing area 103 m² (1108.7 ft²)[77]
Aspect ratio 11.04 11.5
MTOW 44,800 kg (98,767 lb) 56,400 kg (124,340 lb) 61,500 kg (135,584 lb)
OEW 33,000 kg (72,752 lb) 35,700 kg (78,705 lb)
Max payload 10,600 kg (23,369 lb) 13,700 kg (30,203 lb) 16,150 kg (35,605 lb)
Max fuel 8,522 kg / 18,788 lb 13,500 kg / 29,760 lb 13,690 kg / 30,181 lb
Takeoff (MTOW, ISA, SL) 1,800 m (6,234 ft) 1,450 m (4,760 ft) 1,970 m (6,463 ft)
Landing (MLW, ISA, SL) 1,300 m (4,265 ft) 1,240 m (4,070 ft) 1,412 m (4,633 ft)
Speed Mach 0.82 (473 kn; 876 km/h) max., Mach 0.78 (450 kn; 833 km/h) typical
Range (full pax) 2,017 nmi (3,735 km)[78] 2,850 nmi (5,280 km) 2,600 nmi (4,800 km)
Service ceiling 41,000 ft (12,000 m)
Engines Pratt & Whitney PW1715G Pratt & Whitney PW1919G/21G/22G/23G
Fan diameter 56 in (142 cm) 73 in (185 cm)
Thrust per Engine 15,000 lbf (67 kN) 19,000–23,000 lbf (85–102 kN)

Taken from Wikipedia

Must-have liveries:

If this family gets added to Infinite Flight, these 2 liveries will have to be a must-have!

  1. Widerøe (E190-E2)

  2. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (E195-E2)


Here’s a picture of a Widerøe E190-E2.

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